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All of the pieces on this site are made to order so we can quote the prices for the exact specs you need.

Let us know the product(s) you wish to order and give us their part numbers, all the specifics about that item you want (color of bulbs, size, etc), and all your contact and shipping info and we will get the order process started.

The earlier in the year the better for the best price.
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Panel Trees Description Page
Panel Christmas Trees

Panel Christmas Trees

The Panel Christmas Trees and a heavy duty Christmas Trees built to be used indoor or outdoor. These Christmas Trees have a frame that is built in sections. These trees sections vary in height depending on the manufacturer. They vary from 2 to 4 feet in height they are made from square metal tubing, custom bent to from the curves of the frame. These frame sections are painted and are designed to nest / stack inside themselves to save on storage space. The closer the sections are together the heavier duty the tree actually is. The frame sections are bolted together to form the skeleton of the tree. The top pieces have the Lighted Garland pre attached. These sections house the brace of the top for the Christmas Tree topper. The choice of our Christmas Tree toppers is very large. You can select the Bethlehem Star, various snowflakes or starburst designs, The Star of David or one of the Christmas Bows or Christmas Ribbons we offer. Once the Christmas Tree Topper is in place and the other side of the top cone is installed you start the wiring harness for the Christmas tree. The wiring harness is custom made for each tree and as you start down the tree each sections panels plug into the electrical outlets provided. This name panel tree comes from the way the tree is covered with its garland. The sections that cover the tree are built in panels. Each panel is built of round welded steel rods that are covered in lighted garland, each panel is wired individually. These pre-lit panels are installed on the frame and plugged into the wiring harness provided. This Christmas Tree has many Christmas Light options. C7 Bulbs or C9 Bulbs and the new LED Lighting is being used on some of the trees now. With the C7 or C9 Bulbs you can have a choice of a solid color or multi color or clear. And if you want to have a Animated Display effect a mixture of few Twinkle Bulbs will create this effect for you. These trees need a level area to be installed on but can be erected with hand tools. These Christmas Trees are built from 15 feet to over 100 feet in

One of the advantages of a frame tree like this is that you can grow your tree in future years by adding sections of the frame and panels. There is also special treatments you can add to the panels themselves, snowflakes, stars, or even flowers.



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