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All of the pieces on this site are made to order so we can quote the prices for the exact specs you need.

Let us know the product(s) you wish to order and give us their part numbers, all the specifics about that item you want (color of bulbs, size, etc), and all your contact and shipping info and we will get the order process started.

The earlier in the year the better for the best price.
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Ice Lite Trees Description Page
Ice Lite Christmas Trees

Ice Lite Christmas Trees.

The Ice-Lite Tree can be built in various ways. The self standing models are constructed with a metal base that is shaped like a wagon wheel with a center hole for the main support pole to be installed to. The lighting is attached to the base ring and to a Top Cap that the pole is attached to. The support pole is extended through the base and a tightening device holds the tree tight. The Christmas Lights on the trees are attached along a cable that provides the extra strength to hold everything together. The Top Cap is designed so that a Christmas Topper can be mounted to the top of the Christmas Tree.

The lighting is usually made from C7 bulbs. These Ice Light Trees come with Steady Burn lights and you can also order these with a mixture of C7 Twinkle bulbs. A 15% to 20% mixture of the C7 Twinkle Bulbs really adds a special visual effect to make this a Animated Christmas Display. These Ice Lite Trees can be built from 8 to 30 feet tall and with all the special display colors and sizes these Christmas Trees can be grouped to create a large outdoor display.



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